Successful Transmission of JMC Lutherie!

Successful Transmission of JMC Lutherie!

After more than 15 years of intensive and passionate work and worldwide recognition, JMC Lutherie is proud to announce a successful transmission of the activities. The multiple activities of the 21st century lutherie techniques from the Vallée de Joux will continue to shine in four or five different companies.

The manufacture known all around the world for its innovations like the Soundboard, the loudspeaker made out of tonewood, has transferred its audio activity to four Swiss associates who are currently creating their entity Excelson SA. Their goal is to bring this activity to a second generation and to continue to keep vibrating the resonance spruce of the Vallée de Joux.

JMC Lutherie’s resonance division including the resonance holders for Haute Horlogerie and the purely acoustic objects are transmitted to cabinetmaker Bodenmann SA in Le Brassus.

The search, acquisition and commercialization of the famous resonance spruce of the Risoud Forest will be transferred to a regional wood business entity owned by the young regional entrepreneur Théo Magnin.

Luthier and founder Jeanmichel Capt, who currently explores a more personal and artistic career, will take care of the guitar production.

Céline Renaud, CEO and founder of JMC Lutherie, will continue the emotional and musical journeys of the company by continuing to offer the famous “Sound Tastings” conferences & shows in addition to her activities as instructor of public speaking & storytelling courses, entrepreneur coach and writer & columnist.

The transmission of JMC Lutherie is a major achievement that took over a year of intense work. It is also with great joy and immense gratitude that the founders see their efforts and innovations of the past two decades continue to shine... to the delight of music lovers all around the world. "It's like when we are cutting a tree, there are lots of regrowth behind which are even stronger! "