The Veins of Risoud Resonance Spruce

350 Years, and an Extremely Tight-Veined, Ultra-Light and Intensely Vibrant Wood

A harsh climate and extremely poor soil: such is the winning combination that enables the Risoud Forest to produce a 350 year-old resonance spruce, whereas these trees usually reach the age of 180 at most in other regions. This is a treasure for the luthier who must combine lightness in order to achieve the best sound for the soundboard, with rigidity in order to withstand the tension of the strings, which amounts to approximately 80 kg on a folk guitar. The construction does not allow any for any security margins as far as the thickness of the bracings is concerned, since any such differences would be detrimental to the sound of the instrument. Thus, the resonance spruce from the Risoud Forest, the largest single wooded stretch of its kind in Europe, enables the construction of guitars with an extremely precise and powerful sound.

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