The influence of the moon on the JMC Soundboard

21 June, 2017

The influence of the moon on the JMC Soundboard

Every detail is important, not only to build the JMC Soundboard, but also to select the perfect tree. Did you know that resonance spruce is only cut at the end of the autumn, when the tree is the driest possible because of the position of the moon? It is not only a question whether the moon is increasing or decreasing - in fact it has not to produce too much light at night to leave the plants quiet - but what is important is to pick the tree by a descending moon.

When the moon is descending, it is at the lowest possible position on the horizon. This because the moon orbits the earth in an ellipse and it is the furthest from the Earth in that position. It is the same as the effects on the tides. When the moon is the furthest from the Earth, it will attract less fluids and that’s where the tree will be the driest possible.

The basics of the luthier's know-how is to take seriously in account the hygrometry of the resonance wood. He must be aware that wood changes its dimensions especially across the veins, by several percent according to the hygrometry! On the top of an instrument, this is almost half a centimeter... And since the top is glued on the periphery of the guitar, it will definitely break in the middle when the wood shrinks.

At each stage of the production of his instruments, the luthier will confine himself to using only perfectly dry and stabilized wood.