The Story of JMC Lutherie SA

The Story of JMC Lutherie SA

JMC Lutherie SA was founded on September 1st 2005 by Jeanmichel Capt and Céline Renaud. Its success stems from the association of a gifted guitar builder with a youthful entrepreneur. JMC Lutherie SA today exports its guitars as far afield as Japan. The complementary nature of the two founders has also led to the creation and sale of the Soundboard, a speaker made out of resonance spruce that is already presented in eight different showrooms.

The fact that JMC Lutherie is based in the Vallée de Joux is partly due to the very deep roots of the two founders. It is also a magnificent opportunity to remain in the vicinity of the beautiful Risoud Forest which has been known for centuries for its exceptional wood.

In addition, this valley has forged its own history in the field of fine watchmaking. It is home to the brands most renowned for their expertise in horological complications. This region with its long winters, physically cut off from the rest of Switzerland by the Jura chain of mountains and from France by the Risoud Forest, has naturally developed its own resources. It is perhaps the privileged ties between creative talents and nature that gives rise to such an abundant wealth of inventions.

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