Vocation of JMC Lutherie SA

We are lutherie artisans with a vocation to highlight the value of local wood by making it known to the public at large through musical instruments and other lutherie products. Our corporate philosophy is geared towards the effective development and use of the wood from the Risoud Forest, as well as Swiss and European woods in general.

The wood industry is going through tough times in Switzerland. Forests costs more to maintain than the profits they yield. We feel this is at least partly due to a certain degree of ignorance among the public. The forest is considered a place for picnics and relaxation, whereas many people know nothing about most of the trees that composing it. So forests are already appreciated, but we would like to make it truly loved and cherished.

We want to make our politicians, the players in the wood industry and the general public aware that we have the tremendous good fortune to have extraordinary forests in Switzerland. Even though the Swiss wood industry is no longer very competitive on the international markets, there are other ways of developing and commercializing it. Within our forests, there are trees of inestimable value representing the ideal raw material for top-of-the-range products.

We therefore wish to renounce the use of exotic woods stemming from systematic deforestation and to prefer local types of wood featuring comparable structural and technical qualities. Aesthetically speaking, our woods can easily compete on equal terms with the most precious of exotic woods. There is no need to look elsewhere for what is already within reach. It is a great pleasure to rediscover that there is no need to look elsewhere to find what we are seeking. It is all there, right near home.